After their own kind

So, I am the School Adviser for the chess club.  How did that come about?  A former student

wanted to form a chess club and they need a Teacher Adviser.  Someone had mention to him

that I played chess, so I was asked to fill the position, to which I consented.  The thesis of

this essay is after their own kind; what I mean by this is that the activities that you engage in

would produce more of the same activities.

I am sure if you observe your own life this is the case; the activities that you engage in, 

you get more of the same activities.   It was the case with becoming adviser for the chess club;

I played chess, so it was like here is more chess activity to do. Before I started teaching, no one

I had previously asked me to tutor their kid.  These days it is pretty common for people to request 

such of me.

After their own kind, also works with the type of people you are around.  If you hang with liars

and cheats, your friends circle proliferates with liars and cheats.  Please don't ask me how I know 

this.  One person of a particular character will introduce you to others of similar nature, who then introduces

another likeminded individual etc.  

So, how do I do I use this observation?  Well, associate with honest, kind  and caring individuals; 

don't engage in activities that you don't like doing or shouldn't be doing.